Veneers and crowns are very similar in appearance.




Both veneers and crowns will achieve a stunning smile.  The preparation of the natural tooth and the integrity or strength of the veneer & crown are typically the deciding factor for most patients investing in their new smile.


A veneer requires less preparation to the natural tooth and affects only one tooth surface prior to the veneer placement.  The veneer is a thin, custom shell which is crafted to your desired size, shape and color and then bonded to the front of the tooth.  A veneer adheres to one surface of the tooth.  A much more gentle approach of day to day tooth activity and use may be required in order to protect the integrity and placement of a veneer.


A crown requires a bit more preparation to all four surfaces of the natural tooth.  The crown is a solid, custom cap which is crafted to your desired size, shape and color then cemented over the complete structure of the natural tooth.  There is strength in numbers and a crown being attached to four sides of the natural tooth versus one side of the natural tooth will create a stronger, more versatile bite.


When considering Veneer vs Crown, discuss all options, concerns and questions with Dr. Miller in order to make the best decision for your personal habits and lifestyle.  It's not a one size fits all!  Amazing smiles are created every day using both processes.