Lake Oconee Family Dental treats many patients with cracked, chipped and damaged teeth which may have been better protected with the use of a guard.


Dr. Miller and his team will fabricate a custom fitted appliance for you to wear while sleeping (or daytime) which will limit the destructive effects caused by clenching and grinding your teeth.  Many people have no idea they are clenching or grinding  their teeth as they are most likely asleep or clenching during stressful times.


If, during your next dental exam, stress cracks or chips are detected, ask Dr. Miller to review the full benefits gained by utilizing a splint / night guard.


Splints, Nightguards and Occlusal Guards are often eligible for coverage from most dental insurance plans.

Sports Mouth Guards

A removable, custom made dental appliance will help protect the teeth and soft tissues from damage that may be caused by traumatic blows, accidents or collision.  The value of an athletic mouth guard can't be overstated. 

Studies show an estimated 1/3 of all injuries treated by dentists are sports related. 


If you and / or your children are athletes, the mouth guard is a necessary part of the uniform.