There are two basic parts of a tooth, the crown and the roots.  The crown is mainly above your gum and the roots are below the gum and attach your tooth to your jawbone.


The structural integrity of a tooth can been weakened by decay, fractures, defective amalgam fillings or previous root canal therapy.  Dr. Miller may recommend a crown or "cap" to protect the compromised tooth.


Patient's having experienced previous dental health problems, have congenitally missing teeth or those who have lost teeth most likely find difficulty with chewing foods, articulating certain words or speaking clearly and may even experience changes in the shape of their face.   Dr. Miller will often utilize a multiple unit bridge to treat his patients facing these concerns. Correcting dental health problems and replacing missing teeth create better eating habits and aides with digestion which creates a better, healthier YOU all around.


Our crowns are constructed using an "Exact Tooth Color Matching" system which gives Dr. Michael Miller's patients more confidence and cosmetically, a more beautiful smile.


Crown and bridge procedures require two separate appointments and are typically considered eligible for coverage by most insurance plans.