Digital sensors are used for all x-rays at Lake Oconee Family Dental.  The computerized x-rays are displayed on a flat screen within seconds for Dr. Miller and his patients to view.  There are no chemicals involved and results are instantaneous. This digital technology significantly reduces levels of radiation and allows Dr. Michael Miller to provide a safer environment for you.

This digital x-ray is one of the most important tools for Dr. Miller to use while communicating with his patients and helping them better understand any underlying dental issues that may not otherwise be visible.  Digital x-rays are often the only way to get a true snapshot of certain issues which may be compromising your dental health.  Prevention is the goal!



Lake Oconee Family Dental strives to bring up-to-date technology to our patients.  Patients say one of the most appreciated and valuable tools Dr. Miller offers is intra-oral photography.


An intra-oral camera is about the size of a pen so it fits easily and comfortably into your mouth.  Once positioned, an image is captured and a picture is sent to a flat screen monitor where your teeth and gums appear in full-color.  The image is usually very large allowing a more detailed examination of any issues which may exist.  On screen, you are able to see any decay, worn fillings, cracks in teeth and areas of concern on the gums.  Reviewing these images together allows Dr. Miller and his patients to discuss any issues detected by the photo.


Want a copy of the image?  We can print one for you.  Having an actual picture to carry home will help you and your spouse clearly understand the need for any recommended dental treatment.