The best preventative dental plan will include two routine visits to your dentist every year.  During these appointments, a dental hygienist will take any necessary x-rays and images needed by Dr. Miller for his exam.  Your hygienist will also clean your teeth and perform a variety of exams of your tissues, tongue, gums and teeth.  Oral cancer screenings are also completed at this time.  Though accidents effecting our teeth and genetic diseases often contribute to our dental health, PREVENTION AND DENTAL HYGIENE MAINTENANCE are key to ensuring the longest, healthiest life of your teeth.


Should it be determined that you have periodontal disease or infection of the gums, Dr. Miller will apply "Arestin", an antimicrobial to the infected areas.  Over time, the antimicrobial is gradually released, allowing a 14 day treatment.  During this time, the Arestin aides in the fight of infection, allowing your gums to heal. 


If gum disease or chronic infection is left untreated, the gums and bones holding your teeth in place can be permanently damaged.  Upon examination at the end of your biannual hygiene appointment, Dr. Michael Miller may recommend a procedure referred to as Scaling & Root Planning if excessive build-up or infection is present.  This is a procedure sometimes referred to as a "deep cleaning" specially performed to remove plaque build-up and bacteria from teeth and gums.


Preventative treatment to include your hygiene visits, x-rays and exams are most often eligible for 100% fee coverage under the majority of dental health plans.  Scaling & Root Planning is often eligible for 50% - %80 fee reimbursement coverage by your dental health insurance plan.