Who doesn't want a beautiful white smile?  Of course we all do!  A bright smile may achieved in several different ways.


If you haven't found success with over the counter brighteners or strips, it may be time to visit Dr. Michael Miller.


Lake Oconee Family Dental offers a teeth whitening system which allows treatment in the privacy of your own home without interrupting your schedule.


During a short visit to Dr. Miller's office, a team member will make impressions of your teeth which takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes and then you're free to go about your day.  The impressions taken of your teeth are molds utilized to construct custom fitted bleaching trays.


 Approximately one week later, you will visit the dental office for a second appointment and Dr. Miller will examine the fit of the trays to your teeth and make any trims or adjustments necessary to best protect the gum tissue during the whitening process.  You will leave the office with a generous supply of prescription level whitening gel and instructions for application.  Following the doctor's orders, you will receive optimal results.